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1888 to 2013 - Celebrating 125 years of cricket at Ashley

History of Ashley CC

Over the years we have built up a priceless record of the history of Ashley.  This project is ongoing and we hope to create a record of a wonderful cricket club that will be available for many years to come.  Of particular interest is the history of the club that is drawn largely from Geoff Turton history that was published in 1988.  View it here

The StatZone contains hundred's of match reports, yearly averages and miscellaneous stuff that will bring back memories of summer days long passed.  As we find old score books in bottom drawers we will attempt to build up a history of the club over the years to build a priceless archive of a great little cricket club.  If you have anything that we have missed, please contact the club.  Enjoy!


This section has links to the past few seasons of fixtures and match reports at Ashley Cricket Club.

Some of the formats are a bit dodgy and don't fit in with the rest of the site, but hit the back button on your browser if you get lost.

Past Seasons - fairly complete records from the most recent seasons

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Much older Seasons - containing some score cards reports, averages and miscellaneous curios

1952   1937   1929   1924   1923   1914   1910   1905   1904   1901   1900   1899   1898   1897   1896   1895   1894   1893    1892 1891   1890  

Leading run-scorers and wicket takers year by year

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Second XI

Third XI

Fourth XI


Over 40s

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Historic BitsAndBobsZone

Honours Board



Officials of the Club History

Representative Honours

Old Alts all time stats


The club is only as good as it's players and members.  Here are some of the important people that have contributed to it's success over the years.

Roger Arnoll and Steve Tyrell : Legendary players

Sir William John Crossley: MP, Businessman and Patron of Ashley CC in the early part of last century.

John Davies and Lady Harding-Davies: Patrons of the club in the 1970s and 1980s

The Rev Geoffrey Birtwell was a resident of Ashley and president of the club around the turn of the last century

C R Disraeli, the nephew of Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli was patron of the club in 1904

Sir George Hamilton MP was the Vice-President of the club in the 1920s

Peter Eckersley lived in Ashley village in a house called Midway, this is the large house on Cow Lane just before the village school as you head towards Ashley Mill.  He was president of the club from 1937 to 1940 and died in office.

A R Booth

John Longworth

Geoff Medford