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Hat-Tricks and 10 fers



This page has links to the past few seasons of fixtures and match reports at Ashley Cricket Club. As we find old score books in bottom drawers and can be bothered to type them in we will attempt to build up a history of the club over the years to build a priceless archive of a great little cricket club.

Some of the formats are a bit dodgy and don't fit in with the rest of the site, but hit the back button on your browser if you get lost.

Past Seasons

Ashley C C (& Old Alts C C) players with League representative Honours 
1978 Steve Tyrell v CCA 30
*1979 Dave Jackson v CCA 27*
1980 Roger Arnoll v Cheshire 47
Roger Arnoll v MCC 33
Roger Arnoll v CCCL 56
Roger Arnoll v CCA 37
1981 Roger Arnoll v MC 27
Roger Arnoll v CCA 52
Roger Arnoll v CCCL 47
Dave Molloy
1982 Roger Arnoll v CCA 67
Dave Molloy v D & C 5 for 11
1983 Roger Arnoll v CCCL 100
Roger Arnoll v CCCL 31
1993 Roger Arnoll v Woodford 32
1999 Dave Woods v CCCL
1977 Nigel Rawling v ?
Hugh Thompson v ?
1978 Steve Mawdsley v CCC 6 for 6
1980 S Wood v SLL 2 for 19
1982 S Wood v SMJL 3 for 16
1984 N Ogden v MC 26
N Ogden v SLL 80*
S Village v MC 4 for 15
1986 Denis Lancaster v ?
2006 Zak Power v CCCL 34 & 3 for 71
2008 Alex Eaton North Cheshire Under 15s
2009 Martin Blain North Cheshire Under 15s
Oscar Armitage South Trafford Under 11s
Ben Ashworth-Kwasnik South Trafford Under 11s
Josh Foster South Trafford Under 11s
Robert Gill South Trafford Under 11s
George Johnstone South Trafford Under 11s
Oliver Loveland South Trafford Under 11s
This is a far from complete record, anyone with any information on Ashley/Old Alts players
who have played for the Cheshire Cricket League side please email Brian Birtles:
* Old Alts